Dried Abalone

Our dried abalone are wild caught and do not use chemical additives or drying machines. The drying process is based on the traditional Japanese method using natural airflow to achieve a tender, candied delicacy.

IQF Wild Greenlip Abalone

Our Wild Greenlip Abalone are harvested from the sea floor and hand selected. They are then packed in a vacuum sealed bag individually.These vacuum-packed bags are then packed in a polystyrene box up to 10-15 kg per box.

Vacuum Packed Abalone

Our Vacuum Packed Abalone are wild caught from Australian water, they are fully cooked and ready to eat. There is a small amount of fluid in the pack that is naturally made. This packing retains the original taste and flavour of the abalone. Vacuum Packed Abalone is preferred by both retail buyers and premium restaurant catering.