Tasmanian Manuka Honey

Manuka is a mono-floral honey well-known for having antibacterial activity. Our Manuka honey comes from Tasmania. It has a strong flavour, characterised as earthy, herbaceous, rich and complex. Our Manuka honey is tested for its antibacterial Methylglyoxal (MGO) level and certified for organic production.

 Tasmanian Lavender Honey

Tasmania is famous for its lavender. Our honey captures the floral, delicate and elegant scent from Lavender. It is wonderful with many uses in tea making, gourmet cooking and baking. The intoxicating aroma and sophisticated taste will give you a greater feeling of relaxation and reducing stress.

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

Leatherwood (Eucryphia lucida) is a famous species of trees unique to the wild forest regions of western Tasmania. Leatherwood honey has a distinctive spicy flavour comes with a unique sweet floral aroma. It has a smooth creamy, buttery texture with uniform crystallisation that will melt slowly in your mouth.